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Why can’t I change my alias?

It may take up to 24 hours for your newly modified alias greeting to be synced across the servers. Once synced, your changed alias will be displayed. 1,994 total views, 5 views today

1,994 total views, 5 views today

How do I change my profile photo?

You can set a new profile photo via 「Me」 -> tap the profile photo-> tap 「Profile Photo」 -> 「Take Photo」 or 「Choose Photo」. Tap the picture to view your photo. 1,281 total views, 3 views today

1,281 total views, 3 views today

Can I hide my WeChat ID on my profile?

Once you’ve set your WeChat ID, you won’t be able to hide it from your profile. Each WeChat user has this unique ID within the app to help you easily log in to WeChat and allow your friends to add you easily. If you haven’t created a WeChat ID for your account, your friends can […]

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Why am I unable to delete my WeChat account?

If you are unable to delete your WeChat account, check the following reasons to troubleshoot. 1. Account deletion is unavailable in your region At the current time, account deletion is only available to WeChat users registered outside of Mainland China. 2. Current device is not frequently used for login Your identity can’t be properly verified […]

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