Learning to Survive Without WeChat

WeChat has become an indispensable part of life in China. As China’s answer to WhatsApp, Facebook, Uber and Apple Pay, it has combined all the functions these international brands have to offer into one phone application. People in China use it for everything from sharing updates with their friends, sending messages and group chats to organizing parties and making digital […]

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WeChat Has More Users Than China’s Entire Internet—But What’s Next?

WeChat Social Commerce Report 2018 was released today by Youzan (the biggest WeChat shop platform in China) and Newrank (China’s largest social media data monitoring platform). The report shows some surprising trends: The share of time spent on social media and Tencent-owned products is decreasing. Video content and Toutiao are stealing the show in 2018 The most popular items purchased via […]

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reserveringspartner van Chinese WeChat voor Nederland

WeChat is de Chinese Facebook, WhatsApp en iDeal in één app. WeChat is extreem populair in China en wordt dagelijks gebruikt door meer 1 miljard leden. De app biedt sinds kort reisinformatie aan voor Chinese toeristen in Nederland en via DiningCity kunnen de Chinezen Nederlandse restaurants reserveren DiningCity is de enige restaurantpartner voor WeChat in […]

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Starbucks Continues Its Expansion Into China With WeChat Promotion

Good news for caffeine lovers in China: Starbucks has introduced coffee gifting via WeChat, the country’s top messaging app. The feature arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, and the promotion’s name — “Say it with Starbucks” — is even a play on words since the Chinese version sounds similar to “Say it with your […]

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This Is How New Balance Used Jay Chou And WeChat To Launch Its New Product In 5 Easy Steps

New Balance China’s Marketing PR Manager, Ann Chen (New Balance) You’ve only got a few weeks to launch your biggest product of the year. What do you do, hotshot? If you’re New Balance, you partner with one of Asia’s biggest performing artists and go all out on social media. Keep reading to discover New Balance China’s Marketing […]

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WeChat Introduces Gold Hongbao to Promote New Financial Product

WeChat began testing a new lucky money feature during the recent Chinese New Year holiday that enables transfers of gold bullion among users with the same mechanics for the existing cash hongbao (红包, lucky money or red envelopes in Chinese). With the gold hongbao (not official translation), like the cash hongbao, a sender can either […]

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WeChat’s mini programs could disrupt market

San Francisco – The biggest long-term threat to the iPhone isn’t Android, Samsung or China’s bevy of cheap phones. Instead, it’s that apps work better if you embed them in a single program. WeChat, China’s leading social media app, has just launched a new platform with that in mind. It has the potential to reconfigure […]

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WeChat’s App Revolution

The biggest long-term threat to the iPhone isn’t Android, Samsung Electronics Co. or China’s bevy of cheap phone makers. Instead, it’s a deceptively simple idea: Apps work better if you embed them in a single program, rather than let them proliferate across your home screen. WeChat, China’s leading social media app, just launched a new […]

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Chinese students running WeChat businesses could face U.S. deportation

About 30 overseas Chinese students in Houston, Texas, could be deported for operating a private dining room and selling desserts on the social network WeChat, according to Beijing-based The Mirror. Numerous Chinese people, including students holding F1 visas, in the United States provide shopping services and sell meals on the popular Chinese app, but have […]

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